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A command line tool to synchronize local photos and videos to online Picasa Web Albums

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PicasaWebSync is a command line tool to resize and upload pictures and videos into Picasa Web Albums.
Author: Brady Holt (
License: The MIT License (MIT) (


PicasaWebSync is a command-line tool to synchronize local photos and videos to online Picasa Web Albums. It is flexible with a configuration file / run-time options and optionally resizes* photos before uploading them.


Installation and Usage

To install and use picasawebsync:

  1. Obtain a build. Either download the source of this repository and build the solution (src/PicasaWebSync.sln) or download the latest release from here:
  2. Place the build output into a dedicated directory.
  3. Modify the picasawebsync.exe.config file and update the values for the picasa.username and picasa.password settings to match your Google username and Password.
  4. Run the main executable picasawebsync.exe with appropriate command line paremters and options. To see a list of available command line options run 'picasawebsync.exe -help'.


    picasawebsync.exe folderPath [options]


    -u:USERNAME,        Picasa Username (can also be specified in picasawebsync.exe.config)
    -p:PASSWORD,        Picasa Password (can also be specified in picasawebsync.exe.config)
    -r,                 recursive (include subfolders)
    -emptyAlbumFirst    delete all images in album before adding photos
    -addOnly            add only and do not remove anything from online albums (overrides -emptyAlbumFirst)");
    -v,                 verbose output
    -help               print help menu

Example Usage

    picasawebsync.exe "C:\Users\Public\Pictures\My Pictures\" -p:Secr@tPwd -r -v

Repository Directories

Video Resizing

By default, video resizing is disabled (key="video.resize" value="false" in picasawebsync.exe.config) but to enable it you should install a command-line utility that can handle video resizing and specify the command-line in the video.resize.command config value in picasawebsync.exe.config. I highly recommend installing and utilizing FFmpeg ( for video resizing. Make sure the video.resize.command setting contains the path to the ffmpeg executable or your PATH environment include the directory where this executable resizes so that PicasaWebSync can locate it at runtime.

Hint Files

Hint files can be placed in local folders which will instruct PicasaWebSync to mark an album with Public / Private access or exclude the folder entirely from being uploaded. Refer to the /hint_files for sample files. The hint files do not have to have any contents.


.NET Framework 3.5 (Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003)

Mono version supporting .NET Framework 3.5